❣️Today a peaceful protest was held in the center of Plovdiv with the participation of Ukrainian children.
🥰The children made gifts for passers-by! During the procession they gave them to everyone as a sign of gratitude to Bulgaria for its help and support!
Thank you all! 🇺🇦🙏

For all Ukrainians -
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The control bodies of the main Labor Inspectorate are ready to advise citizens of Ukraine on their labor rights. For this purpose, an email address has been created where people can ask their questions about the Bulgarian labor legislation, as well as file a complaint if they are already employed and believe that their rights have been violated.

Email address BGhelp.Ukrainians@gli.government.bg published on the website of the Labor Inspectorate, in the Contacts section, as well as in the section "for employers and employees" and in the section " foreigners work on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria". Please provide your contacts so that the specialists of the main Labor Inspectorate can answer your questions in a timely manner.

Bulgarian employers who want to hire Ukrainian citizens must provide them with equal working conditions as their Bulgarian colleagues have, and they cannot be less favorable than the minimum conditions established by labor legislation.

Access to the labor market Citizens of Ukraine who use temporary protection can work in Bulgaria without a special work permit, register with the help of Employment Bureau as a persons who are looking for a job at their permanent or current address, and use employment and vocational training services.

Ukrainian citizens can get access to the Bulgarian labor market to work under the following simplified procedures:: Citizens of Ukraine who have the necessary documents confirming their Bulgarian origin can start working immediately after registering with an employment agency (even before obtaining a residence permit). To do this, they must have an employment contract with a local employer for a period of at least 6 months. More information about the procedure can be found here: https://www.az.government.bg/pages/zaetost-na-lica-ot-bulgarski-proizhod/.

Citizens of Ukraine have the right to seasonal work for up to 90 days in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, hotels and restaurants in Bulgaria without a break for 12 months. To do this, they need to complete a registration with the Employment Authority on the basis of the declaration submitted by the employer. More information about the procedure can be found here: https://www.az.government.bg/pages/sezonna-zaetost-do-90-dni/.

Citizens of Ukraine who have applied for international protection and proceedings have the right to work in Bulgaria without a special work permit, if the procedure has not been completed within three months from the date of filing the application for reasons beyond their control. Declaration of employment of Ukrainians in these cases is carried out by the local employer who hired them under an employment contract. More information can be found here: https://www.az.government.bg/pages/4ujdenci-po-chl29-bejanci/ .

Ukrainians and their family members who have been granted asylum or international protection in Bulgaria have the right to work in Bulgaria. People with refugee or humanitarian status can register with the Labor Office at their permanent or current address. Also, Ukrainian citizens who are located on the territory of Bulgaria must fill out a questionnaire from the Employment Bureau, so that specialists from the agency can process the candidate's request and provide feedback on the vacancy that is most suitable for a seeker. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdMzPZV0EzJsM3ZRXTifuB2GKzfzMcLKBU28B1H13JqvPmaRQ/viewform

1. In our humanitarian center at 231, Trakia residential complex, Plovdiv (10: 00-18: 00)

2. Bulgarian Red Cross (БЧК) at 48 Stoycho Mushanov Street

⁃ Hotline number for Ukrainians: 0800 20101

⁃ Bulgarian RedCross website: https://m.redcross.bg/contacts/contact2/plovdiv

The usual process of long-term rental of housing in Bulgaria.

Long term rentals in Bulgaria have a minimum term of 1 year.

In 95% of cases, the property is rented out with furniture.

The monthly rental amount is usually indicated in EUR, but paid in BGN.
A deposit in the amount of rent for 1 or 2 months must be made. The deposit is refunded when you leave the property and cannot be used to pay for the last month's rent. It covers the costs that the homeowner may incur for damage repairs, deep cleaning, and so on.
You need to sign the contract with the inventory verification form.
If the tenant is a foreigner, the homeowner must fill out a special declaration and provide it to you. You can download it from here. Long-term leases can usually be terminated by any party (homeowner or tenant) with 1 month's notice.
Utility bills (electricity, heating, water and internet) are usually not included in the rental price.
In most cases, official utility bills remain registered with the owner, but the tenant covers the Bills in one of two ways – by paying them directly to the owner or online via epay.bg using the owner's account numbers.

Long-term self-rental

You can search for an apartment yourself using an agency or through real estate rental platforms. If you choose this, keep in mind that most agencies charge you a commission equal to half or full of your monthly rent.

There will be a lot of listings on real estate portals, but some of them may be fake or duplicate, so make sure you ask to view exactly the same property you saw in the ad. Do not go to property inspections without first seeing the photo on the internet – it will be a waste of time.



⁃ Telegram group of Ukrainians who are looking for housing in Plovdiv and sharing their experience and useful contacts https://t.me/Plovdiv_Flats