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Working meeting with UNHCR

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Working meeting with UNHCR

11.08.2023 Ukraine Renovation Comments Off

Today, on August 11, 2023, a working meeting took place between Natalia Ellis and representatives of the UNHCR in the Second Home. In a warm atmosphere, a range of important issues for both sides were discussed.

The guests familiarized themselves with the living conditions of Ukrainian citizens and were impressed by the cleanliness of the premises and the delicious aromas coming from the kitchens. They particularly enjoyed the playroom with wall paintings of characters from children’s cartoons, as well as Shrek and Fiona dressed in Ukrainian national attire.

The guests were left with unforgettable impressions from the exhibition of children’s paintings and drawings in the sports hall, and they visited the children’s camp at the Second Home, where they were satisfied with the organization of children’s education and leisure activities. Additionally, he UNHCR representatives were shown the classrooms where Bulgarian and English language lessons take place, as well as the computer class.

The meeting concluded with everyone having the opportunity to relax in the park, while observing numerous exhibits.