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Before voluntarily emigrating, people usually research the living conditions, job prospects, and medical facilities in the destination country.
In today’s real situation, Ukrainians are saving their children by taking them out of rocket-explosive zones. Evacuation orders are becoming increasingly challenging for everyone. There are financial, informational, and emotional challenges. The initial difficulties faced by refugees are language, information, and financial issues. Access to medical treatment is an additional challenge. Adults and children usually require more regular medical check-ups.

The “Stoyana Krastanova” Foundation and the “Ukraine Support and Renovation” Foundation have launched the project “Together and Equal: Rights of Asylum Seekers and Protection” to facilitate the adaptation of Ukrainians to life in Bulgaria. The “Active Citizens” Foundation (https://www.activcitizensfound.bg) supported the initiative.

A handbook has been published to assist Ukrainian refugees, offering useful advice and possible solutions on important issues such as:
seeking asylum and housing,
overcoming language barriers and integration into society,
finding employment,
enrolling in the Bulgarian educational system,
legalizing diplomas and skills.
and accessing medical care.

The book is available in English and Ukrainian languages.

Within the project, meetings and discussions were held with representatives of institutions and organizations that assist refugees in adapting to life in Bulgaria. Based on their results, video scenarios were created to illustrate the challenges faced by Ukrainians in various life situations. The filming and editing were done by the “Neporasnali” association, a project partner.

The roundtable discussion included representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Ministry of Education and Science, the Employment Agency – Labor Bureau in Plovdiv, the Regional Health Inspectorate in Plovdiv, the Regional Administration of Plovdiv, the Municipal Council of Plovdiv, non-governmental organizations, journalists, and public figures.

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