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Second home

The Second Home – is a large-scale project to create a buffer center, where everyone who comes to Plovdiv can stay and live up to 2 months while looking for work and housing, and we arrange vaccination for children so parents can collect required documents for their children to join a kindergarten or school here.

At this stage, 30 people already live on the second floor of the building and all of them are actively attending Bulgarian language classes, looking for work and housing.

Two more floors are being repaired, and the building will be able to accommodate up to 200 people. On average, people find housing and work in 2-4 weeks, so we expect up to 3,000 people will pass through the center in a year.
In addition to the basic construction costs, which are partially reimbursed by the community, we need to purchase equipment and furniture to create acceptable living conditions for refugees. To complete the renovation, we are raising a sum of 100,000 levs, which will allow us to renovate the remaining floors and accept more people.